Justin, Emiko, and Nate at The Farm

We are nuts for you

We are nuts for you  Read More

Long Lost Swiss family Siemens

Nate had a huge surprise at the market yesterday in Santa Monica and it was a fun one! 29 years ago we had an exchange student for several weeks from Switzerland. Silvia came thru a program where students came during the summer and spent both time with a family and with their group. Nate was still a little kid so Silvia played and read to him and his brothers. We lost Silvia for... Read More

Sweet Blistered Almonds


This Mar Vista mom has three darling boys who regularly choose one of our three sweet blistered options: Cinnalmond, Honey Roasted, or Coco-nut. We love their smiling faces on a Sunday morning. Photo: Alexa Wan  Read More

eurotour 2010


Half the staff spent most of September visiting and living and working together on small farms up and down the Iberian peninsula. Incredible!  - Mike Barbara Leite’s farm: Mount of Oaks. East central Portugal Old Roman bridge in Cangas de Onis, Asturias, Spain. L to R: Elias, Zaya, Mike, Carly, Bekki, Cristobel, Nate, Jillie, and Dane  Read More

Harding Elementary


Wednesday afternoons I bring Fat Uncle to Harding School at 3:00pm where the Mesa locals come to their farmers market. I love sharing our products and chatting with the regulars, that  have become my friends. Wednesday market at Harding has such a homey feel with families mingling and children laughing as they  play on the school play ground right next to our stands. These... Read More


Just kidding, our almonds were most definitely not soggy this week. But we were. Little did we know how devoted Santa Barbara locals are to receiving freshly blistered almonds, despite the rain! After skipping the Carpinteria market on Thursday night, Dane and I donned our rain boots for the Montecito market Friday morning, surprised and delighted by the locals that showed... Read More